Rabbi Piny Hackenbroch

People – Faith – Vision

As a leader, Rabbi Hackenbroch is highly regarded for his giving, his connecting and his people-skills. As a Synagogue Rabbi, he is well respected for his passion for community growth.

About Rabbi Hackenbroch

Rabbi Piny Hackenbroch is currently the Senior Rabbi in Woodside Park Synagogue – a modern orthodox thriving community of some 1,400 members. He sits on the Rabbinical Council of the United Synagogue, is an Educator for  the Holocaust Educational Trust, leading trips to Auschwitz. Over a number of years, he has worked with several charities and the Barnet Multi Faith Forum. He is a dual qualified and practicing Commercial & Family Mediator sitting on several mediation panels. He is also an Accredited Systemic Family Practitioner with experience working for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit.

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Rabbi Piny Hackenbroch has an diverse library of teachings, which bring to light the timeless wisdom of Judaism.


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Rabbi Piny Hackenbroch’s Hackenblog audio messages inspire many to become the best version of themselves using the power of Judaism’s eternal wisdom.


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