The Viral Virus

My insights on COVID so far… A couple of weeks ago, travelling on the underground, I stared in disbelief at the spectacle of a couple of Chinese commuters with masks over their faces, in London, I thought? Absurd!? Fast forward a few weeks, and commuters, whether in London, New York or Paris are filled withContinue reading “The Viral Virus”

Shopping and finding the perfect gift

For many in this country it’s an exciting time of year and  I am told only 10 shopping days to go for the non jewish world to prepare themselves and make sure they have done all the shopping Yet many feel tremendous pressure to ensure that they succeed in buying something for everyone in theContinue reading “Shopping and finding the perfect gift”

Freedom of expression as a basic right in society

This week we witnessed the horrendous abuse directed towards Anna Soubry MP during the course of a live TV interview. Shouts of Nazi drowned out her interview and she was subsequently harassed and her path blocked as she attempted to walk into Parliament in full gaze of the Police who chose not to intervene. ThereContinue reading “Freedom of expression as a basic right in society”

Shavuot- Bringing heaven down to earth

The festival of Shavuot commemorates the most momentous event in history of mankind, the torah was given to the Jewish people who stood at the foot of sinai. They experienced first hand the Almighty speak to each and everyone of them.  At that moment the nation declared in unison “ we will do and listen”Continue reading “Shavuot- Bringing heaven down to earth”

Parashat Vayeshev: Healthy Boundaries

Healthy boundaries are there to protect us. Let’s start putting some into our lives. And how can I perpetrate this great evil and sin against G-d? Yosef resists the advances of his master Potiphar’s wife. He rebuts her stating that it was improper for him, on two counts firstly when bearing in mind the debtContinue reading “Parashat Vayeshev: Healthy Boundaries”

The Music of Human Dignity

The Pianist & The Music of Human Dignity  The Pianist is the remarkable true story of the pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman. Half crazed and half starved, having lived through the unspeakable horrors of the Nazi occupation, in 1944 Szpilman was facing the ominous prospect of being sent to a concentration camp to be killed like theContinue reading “The Music of Human Dignity”

The only way is up!

The Purim story surround the epic battle between the Jewish people and Haman who attempts to exterminate them. This battle is in fact one chapter in an epic eternal conflict between the Jewish people on the one hand and Haman’s antecedents Amalek on the other. By understanding the underlying rationale in the original battle andContinue reading “The only way is up!”