Jewish and Privileged

Nationwide protests over inequality are encouraging more conversations not only about race but also about white privilege.  For many of us it is something abstract, conceptual but difficult to relate to. As American sociologist, Michael Kimmel put it succinctly: “Privilege is invisible to those who have it.” Historically, white privilege was often described through theContinue reading “Jewish and Privileged”

Racism- is that relevant to us?

The natural reaction that I think we all felt was utter revulsion as we heard the news from America of the murder of George Floyd and many of us watched the video.  But as the protest spread and the accusations of institutionalised racism and societal racism, I could not help but wonder what does thatContinue reading “Racism- is that relevant to us?”

George Floyd and the Axed Heifer

Whilst the streets of America burn, it is incumbent upon all of us to support one another through these dark hours with kindness and peace. One cannot help but feel a sense of deep anger and incredulity as one watches the video filmed by an onlooker of George Floyd’s death – handcuffed and helpless withContinue reading “George Floyd and the Axed Heifer”

As a “Spiritual Risk Taker”, I don’t actually need to risk anything.

(15 May 2020 Times of Israel) Week 9 of lockdown and we are beginning to see certain parts of society ‘unlocking’. People unable to work from home can travel to work, people can now meet outside with one person not from their household (following the 2-metre social distancing rule). In lockdown terms, this is aContinue reading “As a “Spiritual Risk Taker”, I don’t actually need to risk anything.”

VE Day – A lesson for us in winning our current battle

(Times of Israel 8 May 2020) Friday marks the 75th anniversary of VE (Victory of Europe) Day. After 6 bloody years of war raging in Europe, the allied forces formally announced the surrender of Nazi forces   and brought the curtain down on the second world war in Europe. The war against Japan raged on forContinue reading “VE Day – A lesson for us in winning our current battle”

Physical, cognitive or spiritual herd immunity – which will help us survive?

Published Times of Israel 04 May 2020 Spiritual herd immunity’ has redeemed our nation for thousands of years – these values haven’t disappeared in the current crisis. With each passing day, it is becoming clearer that part of the solution to COVID-19 will include some level of “herd immunity,” acquired over time. However, according toContinue reading “Physical, cognitive or spiritual herd immunity – which will help us survive?”

Trump’s Communication: Intimate or disconnected?

Perhaps the most startling aspect of President Trump’s leadership both as Republican nominee in the election and even more so as President was the pointed and often offensive tweets that Trump chose to share with the world at large. The advantage of tweeting if of course the ability to disseminate one’s opinion and message instantaneously. He  no longerContinue reading “Trump’s Communication: Intimate or disconnected?”

Lecture – Heinz Dilemma: His money or her life?

Living by ethical priniciples in an imperfect world tests a person’s character. How do we resolve tensions when moral principles conflict? Lawrence Kohlberg presented the following dilemma: 1.In Europe, a woman was near death from a specialkind of cancer. There was one drug that the doctors thought might save her. It was a form ofContinue reading “Lecture – Heinz Dilemma: His money or her life?”