Genesis – ‘Vayeshev’: Standing strong in the face of evil

And how can I perpetrate this great evil and sin against G-d? Yosef   resists the advances of his master Potiphar’s wife.  He rebuts her stating that it was improper for him, on two counts firstly when bearing in mind the debt of gratitude that he owed Potiphar”. Secondly it would be a terrible sin againstContinue reading “Genesis – ‘Vayeshev’: Standing strong in the face of evil”

Genesis -‘Vayeitzei’: The Artists Way

Hashem is the ultimate Artist. During our lifetime, we see one fragment of the master piece Yaakov awakens from his prophetic vision  and made a vow “ ושבתי בשלום אל בית אבי והיה ד לי לאלוקים ”-  and I will return in peace to my father’s house and Hashem will be a G-d to me..Continue reading “Genesis -‘Vayeitzei’: The Artists Way”